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Location: 1 Mandalay Road, Singapore
Type: Hospital
Floors: 10 Floors + 2 Basement
GFA: 40,658.57m2
Duration: 205 Calendars Week
Current Average (Days)
Create format and table in excel for data input. Measured by scale rule and key in the dimension one by one 2
Manually build in calculation formulae to derive quantities [Manual taking off the Reinforcement Bar] 20
Structural works [Concrete, formwork, excavation, etc.] 10
Architectural works [can start concurrently when doing structural works 20
Cubicost BIM Application Average (Days)
Input all data, import drawings, draw the elements to generate 3D model (Use existing 3D model from structure) 1
Automatic calculation [TRB] 10
Auto generate TAS [After TRB is done, Concrete and Formwork is there except remaining work like excavation, pile cap, etc.] 4
Architectural work [Can only start after TAS is done] 7
Priorities and difficulties in QS’ manual calculation

1. Time consuming to analyse and identify

2. Preparation time to set up the excel format

Strength of software application

1.3D view for better visualization and clarity of model designed. Able to capture missing element easily from 1 look of the building

2. Help us to easily identify the missing elements

3. Auto generation of quantities for TAS after completion in TRB.


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