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Established in 1998, Glodon Company Limited was listed on A-share market in May 2010 (abbreviated as: Glodon, Stock Code: 002410) in China, being the first listed company in the field of construction engineering informationization in China. Based on the construction industry in the long run, Glodon provides more than 100 "Terminal + Cloud + Big Data" based products/services, industry big data, industry new finance and other value-added services as the provider of digital building platform, which center on the entire life cycle of construction projects with the professional applications of construction engineering as the core support. With more than 7,000 employees, currently, Glodon has established more than 80 branches around the world, providing services to customers in over 100 countries and regions. Its sales and service network covers more than 200 cities worldwide, providing professional applications and services to over 800,000 enterprises, reaching 10 million professional engineers and managers globally.

Glodon was founded and registered in Haidian District as a high-tech enterprise.


Glodon was awarded the title of “Key Software Enterprise under State Planning”.


Glodon established a research center in the U.S. and became the first Chinese high-tech enterprise in the University of Maryland – China-US Research Park.


Glodon was listed on the Shenzhen SME board successfully.


Glodon completed strategic restructuring with Shanghai Shinedeliver Software Company.


Glodon established a subsidiary in Hong Kong and extended its market to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand , Taiwan and many other Southeast Asian countries and regions.


Glodon announced its acquisition of Progman Oy, a world-class MEP design and construction software company based in Finland.


Glodon announced a comprehensive transformation to an Internet plus platform service provider in the construction engineering area.


Glodon was renamed “Glodon Company Limited” formally and started to use a new Logo.


Glodon formally published the Digital Construction White Paper, to interpret the concept of “digital construction“ systematically, introduce a new concept and develop a path to the transformation and upgrading of construction industry.


On March 12, Glodon set up a global leading information technology R&D and innovation base in the construction industry in Xi’an,China - Glodon (Xi’an) Digital Building R&D Tower.


Glodon announced its acquisition of Luoyang Hongye Technology Company

Providing Professional Applications and Services Based on a Digital Building Platform
100 +
Professional Applications in the Construction Engineering Field
Application, services and solutions that are based on “End + Cloud + Big Data” and cover areas and processes of planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance.
100 Million
Industry Big Data
Information of the building materials price, component, dynamic engineering indicators and industry relationship.
6 Categories
Industry Chain Finance
Financial services such as factoring, financial lease, micro-credit and credit investigation.
Digital Construction Platform
Technology Makes Every Project a Success
As a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise, Glodon highly values independent R&D and technical system construction. The Company insists on investing in the R&D of key technologies, such as BIM, Graphic Modeling, Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT and AI. It invested 803 million yuan in R&D, with year-on-year growth of 21.74% in 2018, and has invested a total of nearly 2 billion yuan in R&D in the past 3 years, with investment growth at a high speed annually.

Software Copyrights


Patent Technologies


Core Technologies

2 billion

R&D investment in the past 3 years

>1,600 Colleges and Universities
Practical Learning and Curriculum Teaching
5 R&D Centers
Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Silicon Valley, Finland
Scientific Research Cooperation
“BIM Joint Research Center” and “Digital City Laboratory” with Tsinghua University,Set up “Digital Building” Research Center with Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Established deep technology cooperation on BIM technology, digital building and AI with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Maryland and University of Technology Sydney.
Professional Development
BIM Technology
Outstanding talents at home and abroad are introduced to form an BIM solution for the project lifecycle to match IoT data with BIM models. The solution has been successfully applied to more than 1,000 enterprises and more than 2,000 large-scale construction projects. Also, it has been deeply applied to more than 100 projects based on the BIM production management module.
Graphic Technology
A controllable, secure and self-developed graphic technology platform was developed that covers key technical areas such as model data management, geometric modeling algorithm and graphic display rendering,and helps to achieve rapid development as well as constant upgrading of products with advanced module technology. In the aspect of large-model display, it has reached the domestic leading and international advanced level.
Cloud Computing
The three-layer (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) cloud computing technology system, consisting of mixed cloud infrastructure, basic cloud services, a cloud product R&D system, a cloud product operation system and an ITIL operation and maintenance management system, which provides efficient support for the transformation of products to “Cloud + End + Data” .
Big Data
The industrial big data technology platform and industrial big data warehouse provide comprehensive and timely price information of equipment and materials, as well as indicator data information about a variety of typical projects.
The deep learning-based natural language processing technology has been widely applied to areas such as intelligent pricing, intelligent CAD recognition and intelligent customer service, with breakthroughs made in semantic understanding, text parsing and intelligent question answering. The computer vision technology has become capable of recognizing many kinds of objects and scenes on construction sites, and got commercialized to support efficient and real-time construction site management.
IoT Technology
The industrial-grade IoT platform Zhulian supports millions of devices to connect, control, manage and collect data from different devices, making it possible to carry out all-process tasks such as equipment data acquisition, streaming analysis, massive event storage and application visualization. At present, the mainstream on-site equipment connection has been finished, information of billions of equipment sensors has been stored, and comprehensive real-time sensing of construction sites has been realized, which makes construction management products “digital and online”.
New Technology
Technology research is carried out in many fields such as blockchain, AR/VR, inverse modeling and GIS.
Our Mission
Pursue the spirit happiness and material fulfillment for our staff,
and create a better working and living environment with technology.
Our Core Values


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