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Highlights form Glodon Malaysias Annual Conference 2017

2020-02-27 17:48:22

Glodon Annual Conference was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on the 5th October 2017 with the theme “Modernizing Construction Industry: Unlocking Your BIM Potential” with over 150 participants from various construction industry backgrounds; including Contractors, Quantity Surveyors, Architects, Engineers and representatives from the Education Sector. It was the first of its kind to be opened only to upper management members of their respective companies.


The conference was held with the main objective of sharing BIM (Building Information Modelling) knowledge in regards to its understanding and implementation in the local construction industry. Among the topics discussed during the conference was the basic introduction of BIM, the current situation of BIM implementation in the market, methods of implementing BIM in the organization, and the solutions offered through using the proper BIM tools.

The opening ceremony was officiated by Yang Berbahagia Dato Massuan Ahamad, Ministry of Work Specialist Officer, together with Ms. Helen Liu, President of Glodon International Business. As one of the core material used in the construction industry, the pouring of green sand into the display symbolizes the combined effort of the industry players being poured into implementing BIM to bring green changes to the industry.

The conference started off with a speech given by Dr. John Rogers, Executive Director of BuildingSMART on the topic “BIM and the Digitalization of Construction”. Dr. Rogers noted that due to its massive influence to the region’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product), the construction industry is in need of drastic changes to adapt to the technological era. With the adaptation of BIM, the industry players will be “having the right information at the right place at the right time”: Dr. John Rogers.

The next talk was on “BIM Roadmap: BIM Policy and JKR BIM Initiative”, given by En. Muhammad Khairi Sulaiman, Ministry of Works Specialist. He shared with us the government’s current take on BIM in the construction industry, further noting that there have been provisions made for BIM implementation in Eleventh Malaysia Plan (RMK-11). He also shared some sample projects from the government that has already implemented BIM.

The tempo of the conference took a more relaxed pace with the next session of the day by Mr. Nicholas Khor Jian Sern. He shared his experience learning and using BIM tools (software) as an undergraduate student, further saying that it has eased his workload a lot and that it has been easy for him to learn the software.

En. Harris Ismail, Chief Executive Officer of Ascension Technology Sdn Bhd, was the next speaker after that. His session was on the “4th Industrial Revolution and BIM Implementation for Mega Projects in Malaysia”. He promptly corrected common misconceptions in the BIM industry and stressed the importance to know the different types of outcomes that are expected from BIM implementation. He then highlighted that BIM tools do not necessarily provide excellent results, rather the quality of results depends on the quality of input and the person using the software.

Next up was Mr. Jack Zhang, Vice President of Glodon International Business. He talked on “Building Your Own BIM Competitiveness”, where he shared several strategies and key milestones in implementing BIM in an organization. The information shared was not only applicable to the working sector, but also to the universities in the education sectors.

The final talk for the day was given by Mr. Chew Siak Kor, Glodon Malaysia Assistant Product Manager. In his topic “Glodon BIM Product for Cost Management & Case Study”, Mr. Chew shared how BIM tools can make everyday tasks in the construction industry easier and increase the productivity of the organization. He also shared how Glodon Cubicost can be used to solve issues and wastages in the construction industry practice.

The day was closed with an open Q&A session, hosted by Mr. Chew. The speakers addressed questions from the audience regarding their own field and also clarified parts of their sessions which were not made clear earlier.

A cocktail party wrapped up the evening for the day. This activity provided participants the chance to inquire further information from the speakers, exchange contacts, recap the day’s information, or to simply enjoy the food and beverages served.


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