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The Birth of Indonesian Digital Construction Generation

2020-02-27 17:48:16

The world has gone more and more digitalised, with most of the industry has been turned digital in the last decade, but one sector has been left behind: The Construction Industry.


The construction industry has left the digital sides somewhat neglected, this is especially true in Indonesia, where the implementation of BIM (Building Information Management) can increase effectiveness, efficiency and also transparency of the construction projects. 

Some construction companies have been developing BIM-development projects for now. Glodon Indonesia believes that change into Digital Construction would not be possible without involving the young generation, therefore we joined with Shaanxi Vocational & Technical College within the program of 'China-Indonesia Joint Programme of Key Skilled Talents', a student exchange programme where the Indonesian students may learn about Digital Construction in several months training at Xi'an, People Republic of China.

The program designed to convert the Indonesian young civil engineers to be familiar with the Digital Construction system, which therefore enables the next generation to be fully capable to operate and implement it within their respective working environment - enables Indonesia to be truly Digitalized the construction industry through their generation of #DigitalConstructionHero


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