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It is based on the platform of CIM core technologies such as BIM+3DGIS, Internet of Things and data management, the spatial-temporal data center with the urban spatial-temporal information model as the core, and the smart city center with the urban planning/urban construction and urban management as the core, which includes urban planning, urban construction and urban management.
Three Clouds - Urban Management Cloud
Integrated urban governance is achieved through smart operation. Based on the constructed and delivered CIM city information model, and through the integrated platform of planning, construction and management, it becomes possible to conduct real-time monitoring of the city operation status, carry out agile learning to control urban safety, emergency, ecological and environmental emergencies, and conduct prior control and multi-level collaboration, so as to raise the urban management to a "cell-level" governance level.
Three Clouds - Urban Planning Cloud
Achieve a map of urban planning by multi-planning in one. The city information model (CIM) is established to solve the conflict of spatial planning effectively. Urban development should be deduced so as to make more intensive use of land resources and space, more scientific schemes and more efficient decision-making.
Two Centers - Command and Decision Center
The urban brain of the new city and the new area is a large-screen business linkage and emergency command solution tailored for the urban operation center.
Two Centers - Urban Spatial-Temporal Data Center
CIM spatial-temporal information model features micro-macro integration, dynamic growth, support of business application, incremental update and traceability.
One Platform - Space and Time Information Cloud Platform (CIM Platform)
CIM technology platform based on BIM+3DGIS, Internet of Things, data management and so on, realizes multi-source heterogeneous data integration, macro-micro integration, spatio-temporal data processing, real-time component editing and application data integration, and supports API interface.
Integrated Data Access
In terms of IOT, video, and 3D modeling technology, it forms an integrated solution for upstream data access to facilitate customer data access. It is also possible to use smart terminals to improve the data quality of the CIM platform
Web-side Graphics Rendering
Web-side graphics rendering capabilities and related tools are designed, and well meets the CIM in professional management "both easy to use and good-looking" application requirements. Browsers can be browsed directly without installing any plugins, ensuring an average frame rate of more than 25 frames (movie level)
3D Model Lightweight
Aiming at the massive and large-scale BIM + 3DGIS 3D model (more than 2000 square kilometers), it is tendered with the intelligent algorithm and tool of "high-quality processing results, wide data universality, high flexibility of operation and high standardization of input and output data". It can help customers realize the loading of massive and large volume 3D data based on semantics and "second-level experience", which solves the key technical problems of CIM.
Multi-source Spatial Data Fusion
Multi-vendor BIM data format, tilt photography data, manual models, satellite images, CAD, video images and other data is accessed and fused, and efficient and convenient means of conversion, cleaning, registration, organization, standardized warehousing and other means are made available.


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