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With the Glodon BIM+ Smart Site solution, on-site systems and hardware are integrated into a unified platform to aggregate and model the resulting data to form a data center. Based on the platform, the data of each sub-application system is uniformly presented for interconnection. Key indicators of the project are presented in the form of intuitive charts, which can intelligently identify project risks and provide warnings, trace the causes of problems, and help the project to become digital, systematic and intelligent, and build an intelligent “Field command center” for project managers and management teams.
Artificial intelligence
on-site pictures, image information, extractions and applications
Big data
intelligent prediction and scientific analysis
IOT technology
The Zhulian Platform can connect to over hundreds of devices, such as iGMS, BIMFACE and etc.
A national service network that provides "off-line training", "on-site guidance", "on-line live broad
Product synergy
The overall solution provides an open data interface and truly realizes accurate data coordination with mainstream software on t.
Advanced technologies of cloud platform and graphics platform independently developed by Guanglianda have
More than 10 years of construction business precipitation, in-depth understanding of ,


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